xSITE is an ever-evolving platform of visual communication. Inspired by the cross-cultural make-up of its members, xSITE teams up creative problem-solvers from a variety of disciplines to cater to particular needs. At a time when technology is rendering the world closer, xSITE serves as a model of international collaboration where ideas are exchanged to produce attainable visions. Recognizing the strength in an integrated model, our goal is to combine all services associated with branding, design and communications.

xSITE’s core business is the development of branding scenarios using visual identity, publication, environmental design, packaging, new media and identity management as the building blocks.

The development and maintenance of an organization’s expression is not a project, but a process.
How do you want to be perceived? What should your target groups know about you? What associations do you wish to bring to mind? This is the starting point to initiate a real dialogue with your environment to produce a lasting effect.

The visual and verbal brand identity support the strategy. Expressing this identity is xSITE’s area of expertise. Visual and verbal language relate to goals of an organization’s core value and form the starting point. xSITE translates these into strategies to reveal identity and into custom tailored solutions.
We think about ease, logic and common sense, while keeping the integrity of the message.

An organization gets noticed publicly by interacting with its environment. The past, present, structure, culture, people, and markets are inextricably connected to each other within this reality. xSITE examines and organizes this reality. Building on this notion we show how to achieve the desired attention and provide the right focus. Our creative process is simple and straight forward. We look both inside and outside the box for ideas while using our creative vision and technical skills.
xSITE’s creative pool of designers provide a full range of services to cater to specific branding needs. Always pushing for better and smarter ideas.
xSITE’s designer’s have won numerous international awards, underlining our unique position and strength within the global design community. Showcasing the high standards of xSITE designs and projects have been featured in articles around the world.
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