The above quote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was found within the folds of a fortune cookie John Lovett snapped open several years ago while having dinner with his friend, Champers.

Little did they know how significant these words would be to what was to follow… a project unveiling life as seen through the eyes of an antique doll.
The first conceived idea to introduce this other world is a limited-edition book in the format of a calendar. It was the most appropriate way to introduce this world. Welcome to Another World of the Doll.

Champers - Collaborator, Photography Assistant, Storyteller, Survivor, Muse…Best Friend
Champers is a rather large awkward Champagne-colored Poodle who sounds like a horse wearing tap shoes when she walks and looks like a giant stuffed animal come to life. The artist John Lovett photographed her more than any being or landscape. She is his shadow. “I don’t look at the fact of her being behind me as following me, but I look at it as supporting me. By doing so, she has made me see some of the most unbelievable things that I otherwise would not had her wisdom to catch.”

This is why and how they got the ability to see beyond what “the fence” usually blocks and be able to leap over it into another level or plain of reality that existed and has existed along side the dimension we have learned to call reality. Champers has the same gift that the antique dolls they met have and that is the ability to survive. But the real key was to acknowledge that being fragile is a strength, not a weakness.

Welcome to Another World of the Doll first limited Edition
Champers and John Lovett are working on a project of his photography portraits, accompanied by short stories, which are all based on the lives of a very interesting collection of antique dolls from the early 1800’s into very early 1900’s. The dolls have allowed them to see through their eyes their view of the world. We find ourselves in the place of a conduit between each doll to be photographed and how to tell his or her story.
12 unique art settings, featuring magical doll stories, all combined in a book that functions as a 2017 calendar. Delicately protected by a high-end di-cut book sleeve, to ensure the limited edition will stay pristine it features a personalized cover with a selected key and a special note of the artist.

The project is called “Another World of The Doll”. To celebrate the very first entry of this other world into the one we know a unique and beautiful object was created that as the year will unfold and the daily activities will take place will always remind the customers that there is another world for them to experience. This is the beginning of the magical journey to take them on. It is a way to have fun again and to get in touch with seeing and respecting what is around you. Reality and time are unique to each individual and allow you to believe that the impossible is possible.

In addition to the limited edition an e-commerce website was built to sell the book and some promotional pieces were printed. A business card and a folded introduction card were among those items. Champers became the mascot of the project and a logo was created for branding purposes.
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