Building on the success of its 2016 debut, Design Pavilion reemerges in the heart of Times Square in celebration of NYCxDESIGN, inviting community engagement in a design awakening!

From May 18-22 2017, Design Pavilion presented a five-day cultural event, with a curated set of interactive displays bringing design and innovation directly to Times Square's newly renovated plazas.
Design Pavilion serves as a public hub for the city’s official design weeks, with the NYCxDESIGN Information Kiosk from May 3-24, increasing awareness of the power of design and the many design events occurring around town. New to the mix, Design Pavilion debuts the DESIGN MARKET NYC!
For the 2017 DESIGN PAVILION & NYCxDESIGN design event at Times Square xSITE was asked to design nine signs to mark the individual event hotspots. In a collaboration between Harry Allen, Stefan Hengst and xSITE researched different patterns based on the three main logos, Design Pavilion, NYCxDESIGN and Times Square Alliance. Different typographic patterns of the three translucent logos interacting and superimposed on top of each other are the eye catching visual for each signs. For the nine individual signs a unique color combination marked each event spot. Three connected 46 x 115 inch panels formed a triangular sign with a general information panel side, a pattern panel and a hotspot dedicated panel side.
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