From May 12-20, 2018, Design Pavilion returned to New York City’s Times Square in celebration of the city’s official design week NYCxDESIGN, inviting public engagement with design and innovation.
Design Pavilion in Times Square serves as the public hub for the city’s official design week and the many related design events occurring around the city. We are host to the NYCxDESIGN Information Kiosk distributing the official NYCxDESIGN Guide, Design Talks NYC, Design Market NYC; and a series of installations that are free and open to the public and engage emerging and established designers, architects, brands and visionaries from around the world.
Design Pavilion is an annual nine-day public design and cultural happening, presenting a series of curated installations and daily programs, and themed for 2018 From This Day Forward. We engaged more than 3.7 million local business people, residents and international visitors with design ideas for our future.
For the 2018 DESIGN PAVILION & NYCxDESIGN design event at Times Square xSITE was asked to design seven signs to mark the individual event hotspots. In a collaboration between Harry Allen, Stefan Hengst and xSITE researched different surface materials in combination with simple graphic line and dot patterns. Together with Inno Lab Duggal (a subsidiary of Duggal Visual Solutions) a mirror surface sheet with black and white silkscreen graphics was used. Three connected 46 x 115 inch panels using a mirrored plexi board turned our signage into animated objects by reflecting the ever changing Times Square digital billboard landscape. With this simple low tech idea a high tech effect was achieved.
During NYCxDESIGN week Design Pavillion was host to the NYCxDESIGN Information Kiosk distributing the official NYCxDESIGN Guide. In line with the signage design bold graphics with films of our sponsor Avery Dennison were used to make the kiosk an eye catching object on Times Square.
A flow of graphic patterns invaded Times Square in New York City. In close collaboration with Circus Family several Times Square billboards were used to announce the Design Pavillion 2018 event. In the context of our established graphic patterns created for the signage, Family Circus developed a series of animations, on display throughout Times Square with the courtesy of Nasdaq and Superior Digital Displays Inc. The bold graphic animations stood out and made a huge impact on one of the world’s busiest locations during NYCxDESIGN week.
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