Everyday Art Cards recognize moments of art expressed in the everyday, capturing beauty in both the ordinary and extraordinary. Enhance your daily life with the magic of art and feng shui.
xSITE was asked to design a set of cards using supplied imagery and an alluring box for encasing the deck. The 9 Worlds Card Set includes 54 cards divided in nine groups. Each group features unique designed line graphics, based on the logo and the feng shui symbols. Organized by color/symbol the cards have a matte finish, are holographic gilded and partly high gloss raised UV coated. We used premium quality 310gsm German cardboard Casino Classic. This cardboard contains black core center layer of graphite, which makes the card completely opaque. Packaged in a sturdy matte laminated drawer box with a silver ribbon pull and magnetic latch; makes a very exclusive product.

This deck contains 54 carefully curated images from around the globe to inspire contemplation and spark joy. A mini art collection, they can easily become part of a daily ritual, or simply displayed anywhere an infusion of beauty is needed.
Each card is subtly infused with the shapes and colors that fuel feng shui. The five elements of nature: wind, water, fire, metal and earth echo throughout the deck. These cards are an easy introduction to the power of feng shui. The colorful shape on the back of each card connects to feng shui categories. Included are nine explanation cards at the top of the deck to reveal and further illuminate the nine worlds of feng shui and their elements.
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