hew&Co. is a high-end hair salon that offers the ultimate experience to its clients. The salon is located in a spacious loft setting, eight floors up, providing a relaxing oasis from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco's downtown.

Established in 1999, Zindagi Salon has been an anchor in the San Francisco hair industry for decades. The owner, Erik Webb, has now launched his newest brand, hew&Co. (hew=Hair by Erik Webb), which is attached to Zindagi Salon.
Hew by definition is about cutting and giving form or shape. This is at the core of what they do. But beyond the expert cutting techniques that their stylists have honed, they are also specialized in enhancing the cut with the perfect personalized hue for each customer.

The logo is designed using the Benton Bold font, with the three letters modified to fit the name in lowercase. The letters are vertically positioned, big and bold, and masked in different hue transitions to represent cutting (letter cutout) and coloring (variety of hues). Underneath the "hew" letters, "&Co." is added in the Benton Light font, indicating the stylists working together as one team with Erik. The logo offers the hair salon the opportunity to express a never-ending color story.
Smooth color (hue) transitions reflecting hair movement and coloring support the logo to build the brand. Unique layered color hues were chosen to give each item a distinctive look, but seeing the items together, one can recognize the hair salon's strong unifying branding message.
To build the brand online, we directed a photo-shoot focused on a positive, energetic, and inclusive character. The photography had a focus on the precision beauty of the different hair styles. In contrast, video was shot simultaneously to capture the movement and motion of hair, emphasizing this dynamic approach through hue coloring of the hero shots in accordance with the branding smooth hue gradient transitions.
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