id.collector was conceived as a way to preserve and present private art collections. By taking a step beyond general archiving they offer a celebration to the collecting initiative. Along with their extensive indexed archival information about the collection, id.collector showcases the home where the art lives, including a profile of the collector. This comes packaged in a beautifully designed book reflecting the art collector, their home and their style. id.collector offers comprehensive archiving and publishing services to individual collectors and for corporate collections.

To support this unique book presentation of a collectors private collection, the id.collector customer has an account on the id.collector website. Only the customer has access to their individual secure account, similar to a bank account. With a multitude of site options the collector can view, organize and share their art collection with others for discussion, educational prospects or selling possibilities.
We were asked to build a website with an intricate back-end to be able to offer all the specific tasks id.collector is offering their private art collector customers. Yet the website needed to be user friendly, clearly organized and simple to operate. Once an account for a collector is created different areas are designated to upload images and input information text. The customer even is able to pick a custom color combination for their account.
In the front-end the website need you show the collection in the best possible light. With an array of display options the artwork should look at its best, and has a specific set of actions to navigate the entire collection in one account. 
Share a beautiful slideshow of the collection with a friend over lunch. Collections can be digitally loaned to universities for educational purposes or used as a visual reference with an art adviser. id.collector makes it easy to enjoy your collection with others. The website allows one to access an archive of the art collection to easily search, select and send information. There are built in security measures and copyright protection that insure all digital files are available only for designated use.
The user has many options to view their collections, in grid order or as slideshow. Initially the user can create several individual collections and upload those to their account. Several filter options by artists, medium or date can better organize the individual collection.
Once a filter option is chosen the user can view clicked items in grid order or slideshow, print those items or share them with someone else. Single artwork can be viewed and display quick note information, detailed information or can be zoomed in for close-up viewing.
A digital version of the printed book serves as a transportable archive that allows a collector to show and share the collection on mobile devices at their discretion. With a unique flipbook technology individual collector collections can be viewed in a semi-tradition book page setting. In the “id.Book” section the user can flip in real time from page to page and has several options to view, print or share the digital book with others. For faster access to individual pages of the book an image pop-up bar of single pages can be displayed to scroll through the book pages, getting you faster to the desired page. The flipbook offers, similar to the “Collections” section, zoom-in capabilities and the option to share the flipbook with others.
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