Comprised of two seminal sculptures by each artist, the exhibition at Venus Over Manhattan marks the first time works by Alexander Calder and Cady Noland have been presented together.
Kinetics of Violence enlists two radical yet divergent artists whose works confront issues of violence, either directly or indirectly, often through sculptures that employ literal or implied motion. Working over two decades apart, both Calder and Noland produced works amidst the violence of looming totalitarian regimes and brutal forms of social control that indict unchecked reserves of power, engaging in what curator Sandra Antelo-Suarez calls the “kinetics of violence.”
Symphonic silences, explosions and collisions reverberate throughout the triangle formed in this exhibition by Calder’s Rhombus and Constellation, and Noland’s Corral Gates, and Gibbet. Together the works indict our current scenario of ethical paralysis for its tyrannical confrontation and crises. Published by TRANS> and the Calder Foundation the book is taking a closer look into this situation and discusses the topic. 
The book features different sections and start with full page images of the exhibition at Venus Over Manhattan. First the sculptures of Alexander Calder and Cady Noland separate and by the end of this section together. Following is the forward and the curator text with a chapter of handwritten text notes that leads  into the second part of the book with interviews, essays and reprinted articles.
The 120-page book with 64 illustrations is printed in 4-color on different papers. By a vertical format of 8x10 inches, it has a silkscreen printed cloth hardcover and is casebound. We used the font Benton Sans for body text in combination with the Georgia for special text.

Published by TRANS> (New York) and Calder Foundation (New York).
Edited with text by Alexander S. C. Rower and Sandra Antelo-Suarez. Text by Linda Norden, Alex J. Taylor, Julia Kristeva, Ruben Gallo and Cady Noland.

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