Based on the unique properties of the enzyme treated BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper to quickly dissolve into liquid upon contact with water, this iconic feature was the focus of our research and inspiration to ideas for the “minoa” company branding.

The activity of microorganisms of BATP® has been certified as beneficial to humans and environment. The characteristic reaction of the enzyme as a biological catalyst for a better world is the story behind the branding of this patented innovative product. Clean, save and trusted. This is not just regular tissue paper, this is high-tech paper that transforms into H2O. The all natural product is strong, yet soft on your bun and helps to improve the environment.


Our focus is the innovation of the product. We looked at the sustainability, the ecological value, and the environmental impact that in the end is giving one a peace of mind to be able to do something for the good of our planet. The product’s benefits is not only saving time and money, but with an everyday gesture is becoming a great help for the environment. Nevertheless it needed to look attractive and unique to win over a conscious customer for good design. Another factor to highlight is the direct-to-consumer model, eliminating the third party retailer. Directly shipped as subscription to the consumer from minoa’s warehouse is reducing the carbon footprint. 10% of sale profits will go towards Global Footprint Network.

Professionals with a strong sense for new innovative products with sustainability value, combined with a good design philosophy.

– Patent Biologic Active Tissue Paper, dissolve into liquid (H2O)
– Premium quality, lint-free, dependable strong and incredible soft
– All natural, chlorine-free and no chemicals
– Hypo-allergenic, dermatologically tested
– Enzyme to improve septic systems, reduces the risk of clogging
– Antibacterial, neutralizes malodors
– Promotes natural wastewater depuration
– Ecological, regenerative, biodegradable, sustainability
– Environmental friendly, 100% recycled paper and soy based inks
– Subscription purchase, reduced carbon footprint

Inspired by the ancient Greek Minoan civilization, widely recognized as having been the first to develop underground plumbing and flushing toilets, we combine the rich colorful graphic imagery of early Minoan art with the latest product benefits that address the environmental and lifestyle needs of our modern times. “minoa” tissue products transforms an everyday gesture in a new eco-sustainable lifestyle. It revolutionizes the concept of tissue from commodity to specialty.
For the logo we looked at two different fonts. We merged the font Futura and the TT Norm into the company name and tweaked details. With a pattern as additional branding item in mind we placed the white logo on a deep "minoa” blue bar, for an easy application to ornamental backgrounds. In a supporting branding effort we created an endless pattern of abstracted forms taken and stylized from Minoa ornament paintings. With bold simple pattern forms we show a minimalist application of just one color on recycled craft stock. We explored the color scheme white and blue in reference to the iconic Greek color combination. The modern styled pattern design in one color is a fun play of shapes and give the sense of quality and wellness with the ideas to have an impact on a sound environment.

As last exploration we looked at shape and presentation. The art of reveal and yet a sturdy shipment option. Packaging that keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum, opens up to a smile, and delivers the individual tissue paper roll in pristine condition. We used a recycled cardboard box for 8 tissue rolls, individually wrapped in “Minoa” blue pattern printed paper and hold together by a white on white pattern printed larger sheet paper. The box interior is printed in one color blue pattern or white pattern. On the outside a simple blue Minoa logo sticker closes the box securely.  
Building on history of the Minoa civilization, this state-of-the-art product create a sustainable, luxurious lifestyle for the 21st century.
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