The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) was established on October 10, 1913. It is one of the top 10 comprehensive cancer centers in Europe and maintains an important role as a national and international center of scientific and clinical expertise, development and training. The core principles of the institute are new methods for diagnostics and treatment

xSITE was asked to explore ideas to attract more donations for cancer research. The concept was taken from nature and the power of words, combining the two directions into one.
We took the flower bulb, an international symbol for The Netherlands, and a great example to show the beginning of new life. In support of the symbolism we added the human aspect and asked several cancer survivor’s to tell their personal story coping with a diagnosis of the illness.
The idea of a “gift box” packaged the two directions together. Literally a financial gift to NKI – all proceeds will go to their cancer research –  and a symbolic gift to show support.
For the foundation of the NKI we created a unique packaging idea of square gift boxes in individual color schemes. The boxes are containing flower bulbs, a metaphor for the cycle of life and death and also stand for a new beginning. These boxes carry names like Hope, Life, Love, Future, Faith, Beauty, Power and others, thus becoming symbols of life.
In addition to the flower bulbs, the boxes included different notes from patients describing what these words, printed on the boxes, mean to them after being diagnosed with cancer. With these personal notes the gift boxes carry a strong message of support. At the same time they communicate the important position of the NKI.
The boxes are sold as a gift items throughout The Netherlands, with all proceeds going to NKI cancer research.
In the coming years the initial series of the “What It Means To Me” boxes will see new editions. With different synonyms to express support for the cause.
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