Schlacher & Söhne is a family business and passion, and the inspiration came out of their life long relationship with healthy food. They set out to build a company that was an extension of their family.
Schlacher & Söhne mission is in familiarizing consumers with the unique taste experience of Styrian pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil and to further raise customers’ awareness for the diversity of these wonderful products.

Schlacher & Söhne Styrian pumpkin seed oil uses exclusively Styrian pumpkin seeds grown under controlled contract farming arrangements. The unique, fine nut taste of Schlacher & Söhne is ensured by first pressing, strict quality criteria and many years of milling experience.
For the pumpkin seed oil bottle we decided for a black and white label with matte laminate and a raised UV coating on the Schlacher & Söhne logo. A full height, 4/c printed, matte laminate label with the father and son image and a typographical play of catch words and the product line ÖL on the front. This minimalist design approach combined with high-end printing techniques is giving this unique oil an exclusive character.
Based on the companies name Schlacher & Söhne (Schlacher & Sons), a father and son image was used to support the black and white logotype. This combination – image with logotype – is particular useful for the pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds packaging design. Showing two generations, father and son, of the Schlacher family in a relaxed Styrian setting give a hint of tradition without being too cliché Austrian. We looked at typical Austrian typography from the 20’s and 30’s to create a redrawn adaption of the Century Gothic font. The logotype can be used together with name, double S and year number. For a simple branding the S, a symbiosis of two S’s (Schlacher & Sons), is another option for the company name.
Schlacher & Söhne Pumpkin Seed Oil is highly regarded far beyond Austria. This expeller-cold pressed roasted Styrian pumpkin seed oil has a unique, nutty aroma, light, smooth taste and is celebrated for its palatability and flavor enhancing qualities.
For the six different flavored pumpkin seeds packaging we used a press-to-close zipper with tear notch stand-up pouch. A full cover, 4/c printed, matte laminate pouch with the father and son image and a typographical play of catch words and the product line KERN on the front. On the back a clear window to show the flavored seeds and a product description with one image.
Schlacher & Söhne pumpkin seeds are like nature’s very own brand of multi-vitamins. They encapsulate the ingredients that nurture all life on the planet and contain abundant amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids and fiber that nourish your body, satiate your appetite and keep you healthy.

To offer retailers a selling tool for package options the idea of a three-pack was developed. We created a recycled cardboard box with handle for 3x 250ml pumpkin seed oil bottles. In order to keep cost down the box exterior is printed in one color black. The recycled cardboard idea is keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum and is yet sturdy enough to make sure the glass bottles are well protected during oversea shipment.
For this application we changed the photographic brand image of ‘father and son’ into a vector  illustration. Especially on a rougher surface like cardboard this graphic choice is giving a sharp and well branded printing result.
Part of the Schlacher & Söhne branding is the e-commerce website. Powered by Shopify we created a custom responsive front-end website, to show the complete product line, give information and feature specific recipes. Most importantly the site is easy to navigate within the different sections and pages, together with a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.
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