Products for parents, babies and toddlers

Skip Hop is a company devoted to designing groundbreaking products for a new generation of parents. At Skip Hop, they truly understand today’s moms and dads because that’s who they are too. They are in tune with the cool person you were before parenthood, and know that you’re even cooler now that you’re a new mom or dad.

Skip Hop gets it and they strive to create products that are smarter, more innovative and safer. Products that appeal not only to your heart but to your modern sense of design. Iconic objects that beautify the living space, simplify parenting and make day-to-day living easier as a new mom or dad. That’s the ultimate goal in everything they do. To make parenting better.
The funky retailer dedicated to supplies, furniture, apparel and toys for babies, approach xSITE to design a packaging series of their new line of baby mealtime products. The direction was simple bold product graphics with a strong company message. We delivered a clean visual with stylish product photography in combination with the company identity color red. All side panel are in bright red with their iconic logo asterisk in knockout white. The front and back panel are showing product images on white background, including production information. Each box comes with a white handle to make sure the customer can carry their newly purchased item easy home.
Co-founded by Ellen Diamant and husband Michael in 2003, Skip Hop designed the world’s first diaper bag that converts into a stroller bag. Ever since, they’ve been creating new parenting products that are original and transformational. Their team continues to bring design to life, introducing exciting, innovative essentials for new moms and dads all over the world.
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